Hess Tractor Trek

Hess has released a new toy every holiday season for the last 50 years, and these stocking stuffers are sold in 1,300 stores up and down the East coast. They're fun to play with and super collectable. The company wanted a mobile game experience to augment the 2013 Hess Holiday Tractor. Honking the horn on the tractor unlocked mobile game content and digital rewards. Designed for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire.

Client: lm/nl / Hess

Date: 2013

Role: Product/UX Designer

Platform: Mobile (iOS, Android, Kindle Fire)

Review: NYT


Lazer Tag

We built the first multiplayer, augmented reality toy, turning real life into an epic first person shooter. Working with the original Lazer Tag developers, Hasbro and the guys at Vertigore, we built a version of Lazer Tag uniting a mobile app experience with a physical toy. I translated the game design document into wireframes and adapted the rules from the original game to work on a mobile device using augmented reality and two-­way communication with the blaster. Responsible for all wireframes, user flows, purchase paths, on-boarding and both single and multiplayer experiences.

Client: Vertigore / Hasbro

Date: 2012

Role: Product/UX Designer

Platform: Mobile (iOS)

Review: Mashable / PC Mag


Gilt Personalized Flash Sales

The only thing cooler than seeing the ridiculous deals Gilt offers each day is seeing said sale customized for you with the stuff you love most. That's exactly what our team set out to do when we designed the mobile and desktop experiences for the first personalized sale in e-­commerce. As the Product and UX lead for this project, I was responsible for leading brainstorm sessions, sketches, wireframes, competitive analysis, user flows, user testing, prototyping and working with the dev team to create the personalization algorithm.

Client: Gilt Groupe

Date: 2013

Role: Product/UX Designer

Platform: Desktop / Mobile

Launch Site

Gotham Guide

New York City has a rich and storied history, but it's largely inaccessible without a proper guide. There are plaques and other memorials, but they're representative of a bygone era. I partnered with the founder of Real New York Tours, Trip Advisor's highest rated tour group, to produce a series of interactive videos about the buildings, monuments and street corners most New Yorkers walk by daily without nary a thought to its history (that's right I used 'nary' there). Through a network of brightly colored, custom built QR codes, anyone with a smartphone could stumble upon and scan the code to learn about the place where they stood. Later I added an Augmented Reality (AR) version that used the phone's compass to direct users to the nearest Gotham Guide codes. Featured in the 2011 MOMA Exhibit, "Talk to Me."

Date: 2009

Honors: MoMA, 2011

Platform: Desktop / Mobile

Launch Site

Gilt Home Relaunch

Relaunched the Gilt Home site for a new audience of designers and architects. The experience was a total site overhaul designed for large product images, user profiles, integrated content and innovative interactions to surprise and delight members. I designed the custom content CMS backend as well as the on boarding, registration and professional designer portal for community members coming to Gilt via an interior design site acquisition. Most of this work required wireframing e­-commerce and profile experiences as well as developing user flows and site maps to support the dev team's efforts.

Client: Gilt Groupe

Date: 2011

Role: UX Designer

Platform: Desktop


It's rare to have the opportunity to invest 6 months in a passion project, but that's exactly what this represents. My masters thesis project for the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU was Telestory -­ a secure web and phone based interface for recording stories to share with future generations of one’s family. I designed, programmed and tested the entire project from soup to nuts. It was built using PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and Asterisk.

Date: 2011

Honors: TEDxGallatin, 2011

Platform: Desktop


When I first pitched this mobile app concept in front of NYC angel investor Joanne Wilson, she shuddered and said, "I hope this never gets made." That's when I knew I was on to something. The idea behind this mobile game prototype is to gamify the mundane tasks inherent in domestic living situations, such as cleaning up the dishes or taking out the garbage. The kicker is that the app knows how many times you've completed certain tasks, such as doing laundry, and can then serve up local deals to purchase more detergent or fabric softener.

Date: 2011

Platform: Mobile

Honors: Finalist - ITP PitchFest 2011


I'm currently the head of product at Virgin Mega based in New York City.

I was fortunate enough to collaborate on two very cool mobile games - Hess Tractor Trek and Lazer Tag: AR - both of which you can read about in my portfolio.

Previously I was a user experience designer at Gilt Groupe where I helped re-launch Gilt Home and worked on Gilt's first homepage as well as its first major personalization initiative.

I have a masters degree from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP), where I became really good at failing very quickly and learning from my mistakes. I hacked together a lot of physical prototypes, wrote Python code that spit out beautifully awkward poems,  mashed up 20+ APIs to visualize my online life, designed an interactive elevator, collaborated with lawyers, musicians, dancers and scientists, and built a system to record and preserve oral histories for future generations. It was a blast!

In what sometimes feels like another life, I was one of the country's first corporate social media strategists. I lead Text 100 Public Relations' global social media practice, directing both internal and client strategy for some of the world's largest brands including Cisco, MTV, IBM, Lenovo and Philips. Together we created some super successful online community engagement initiatives across platforms ranging from blogs to virtual worlds (yes, Second Life!) and everything in between.

In 2007, I won PRWeek's "Young PR Professional of the Year" award and was named one of the industry's "Top 10 Rising Stars." I'm also honored to have received the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) “recommended speaker” designation in 2008.

My interactive work was featured in MOMA's 2011 exhibition, "Talk To Me."

Honors + Awards.

Gotham GuideMOMA, "Talk To Me" (2011)

NYU WinnerMicrosoft Firenze B|X|T (2011)

TEDxGallatin Speaker (2011)

International Association of Business Communicators"Recommended Speaker" (2008)

PRWeekYoung PR Professional of the Year (2007)

PRWeekInnovation of the Year (2007)

Top 10 Rising StarsPRWeek (2006)

Text 100 Star Award for Trusted Adviser Consultancy(2006)

O'Dwyer Award for Excellence in Public Communication in International PR(2006)

Silver Sabre Finalist(2005)

TEDx Gallatin.

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