Sometimes it takes more guts to keep trudging down a pre-trodden path, to the originality beyond.

Thoughtful piece in The Guardian today that draws comparisons between the creative process and the Helsinki bus station.


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The New York Times Evolves the Hyperlink

The Atlantic blogged about a new feature the New York Times introduced in December that allows people to link to specific parts of an article rather than just to the page itself.

A little late on this one, but it’s pretty cool. Here’s an example using a paragraph I liked from a recent article on design.

[PRO TIP]: Double tap the Shift key while on any NYT article and a link to each paragraph automatically appears!

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2012 Inspiration Post: Podcasts

As the end of the year draws near, I thought I’d share some of the podcasts that I’ve enjoyed the most in 2012. I typically listen to a podcast during my morning and evening commutes, and these are often the perfect length. I enjoy something that’s inspiring, although not directly related to my design work. I guess that’s why I’ve been drawn to storytelling and culture related podcasts. Here are some of my favorites:

  1. This American Life (iTunes link): Ira Glass and the rest of the TAL team consistently uncover interesting stories on a wide range of topics.
  2. The Moth (iTunes link): True stories, told live without notes. My favorite two stories this year were A.E. Hotchner’s The Day I Became a Matador and this story by Edgar Oliver. It was even better hearing both these stories live!
  3. TED (iTunes link): I don’t have the patience to watch most of the TED videos, but now and then there’s a real gem I pick up here.
  4. Risk (iTunes link): Kind of like The Moth, but a little less scripted and a wider range of stories that are not, um, appropriate for NPR.
  5. Here’s the Thing (iTunes link): Alec Baldwin interviews interesting people. Love the interviews with Krisin Wiig and Fred Armison. They’re softball questions, but the conversations are engaging enough.
  6. NPR: Snap Judgement (iTunes link): This is a new podcast for me this year. I love the voice of host Glynn Washington. Stories have sound effects, and the topics are interesting. This story told by Brian O’Dea was one of my favorites.
  7. NPR: Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! (iTunes link): This one’s a classic. The week in news, delivered in a humorous game show format by Peter Sagal and Carl Kasell (who still offers winners his voice on their home answering machine).
  8. Mac Power Users (iTunes): I usually pick up a tip or two here, especially on how to improve my workflows for photography, presentations, etc.

You can also find really interesting GTD podcasts on the 5by5 network and a collection of great humor podcasts – including The Fogelnest Files – on [Earwolf] (

I listen to podcasts using Downcast on my iPhone.

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