nyt-lives-they-livedReally appreciate this new interactive feature article from the NYT Magazine titled, “The Lives They Loved.” It’s profoundly moving. A simple interaction, easy to navigate and well executed.

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Negotiations always interest me, especially in politics and especially now that we’re hearing about the “fiscal cliff.” The rule: Always Be Negotiating!

This NPR Planet Money podcast on negotiation is worth 15 minutes.

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Long Form Reading for Week Ending December 7, 2012

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Love this dude's writing voice.

READ THIS: Aaron James Draplin on The Setup

For all the scanning, scouring, surfing and staring I do to the Internet each day, I rarely discover a voice that sticks with me. There are articles and essays I like for sure, but graphic designer Aaron James Draplin writes really close to how I imagine he sounds.

Here’s an excerpt from his interview on The Setup:

I buy a new Apple super tower every couple years, and I soup the sonofabitch up as much as possible with RAM and internal hard drive space. Drive one is for the programs and operating systems. Drive two is for my data. Drive three backs up drive two. Drive four is for my client archives which date back to 1998. Ive got two 30-inch Apple monitors. One for the workboard and palettes, and then one for email, iTunes, calendars and iChat. Not down with switching windows! That shit gives me a headache.

The About page of his website has the same, awesome, natural voice. Love it (as well as the father/son pic)!

PS – READ THIS INTERVIEW on The Great Discontent

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On Time

Catarina Fake, founder of Flickr among other awesome ventures, has a post on LinkedIn today talking about time.

I love the idea of “creating” time. I do a lot of “carving out” of time. It’s supposed to organize my time better. The hours at work are quickly carved into chunks for different people or tasks, and when I get home I can see how my time gets “divided” between errands, meals and friends. It seems so organized, so intentional. Yet the more time I alot to completing certain tasks, the less of it I feel like I have.

Fake’s final point is to “make time less precious.” I think that’s actually the crux of how to enjoy each day. Stop looking at how to cram as much in as possible, and instead let it flow. Way easier blogged than achieved.

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Just started listening to this new NPR podcast, Snap Judgement. And this story from reformed drug dealer Brian O’Dea is one of my favorites so far. It’s titled, “Bait and Switch.”

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